Hello videoDB Community!

I’ve been quietly hacking away at my local videoDB installation and added some wonderful new features to the elegant template. All changes have now been committed to CVS and are available for testing.

Updated Elegant Template

All new and updated functionality has been simplified and streamlined from the programming perspective (which makes it easier to extend and enhance) and is integrated into the “elegant” template in a similar fashion. All new features are unobtrusive and will only be shown when data is actually available. No screen cluttering otherwise.

New features

Purchase videos directly from videoDB

videoDB can now directly integrate external sites to provide links for purchasing new or used DVDs, BluRays etc:

Available data providers are amazon.com (now without the need for an additional developer key) as well as the excellent trade-a-game.de. Trade-a-game allows German users to purchase also used DVDs at fairly reasonable prices, something I’ve used quite intensively over the last weeks.


Note: both amazon.com and trade-a-game.de data providers contain code that allow me to receive benefits (via an affiliate/ partnership program) if anybody purchases items using this way. I hope this is seen as appropriate by the community as small exchange for the time and effort I’ve invested in developing videoDB!

Download files directly from videoDB

In the same way videoDB allows to search for merchandise on external sites, it is now also able to look for available downloads. Current capabilities are contributed by the mininova.org and isohunt.com torrent search websites, however integration could also be used for displaying local files and similar.


Note: of course we expect you to purchase your content, be it as physical media or online- this is meerly to be seen as a technology demonstration that can easily be adopted for other purposes.

New Data Providers

A number of data providers has been enhanced or the usage simplified

  • YouTube: can now be used without the need for an additional developer key
  • Amazon Associates Web Services: connects videoDB to the huge Amazon database and can now be used without the need for an additional developer key
  • Google Image search: has been rewritten to use the Google Ajax API instead of screen scraping to provide better stability

Any feedback is welcome- looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.