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Demo upgraded to v4.0-pre

Hello videoDB Community!

I’ve been quietly hacking away at my local videoDB installation and added some wonderful new features to the elegant template. All changes have now been committed to CVS and are available for testing.


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  • Protecting

    Our site has lately been subject to misuse.

    Especially the demo installation has been abused to place spam. In fact, about every 5 to 10 seconds, a new spam entry has been created in the database. I’ve taken measures to prevent this and hope the demo system is usable again. Please report any new problems here.

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  • After upgrading demo site to PHP5, the youTube search is now publicly available for testing. To evaluate, drill down to a single movie and click the “Show trailers” link.

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  • Updated demo system

    Upgraded videoDB demo to current CVS version. Contains new multi-user code that should fix some of the open issues. Generally, we should see some performance increases and more secure, better maintainable code.

    Demo no longer requires login but can now be accessed as anonymous user.

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  • Updated demo system to 3.0b3

    videoDB demo site has been upgraded to the latest 3.0b3 version, too.

    To see all the latest features, make sure you’re using the “elegant” template. Currently “elegant” is the only ajax-enabled tempalte providing all functionality.

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